How to Select Your THC Vape Juice?

THC Vape Juice

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Smokers who have been smoking tobacco cigarettes for a long time were eager to give up their dangerous habits. E-cigarettes provided a way to get nicotine without the hundreds of toxins included in tobacco. It was also feasible to gradually wean oneself off the addictive drug by obtaining weaker cartridges. It did not take long for the e-cigarette industry to grow into a multibillion-dollar business. Similarly, the cannabis sector has adopted e-liquid. It, too, allowed users to experience the euphoric effects of THC vape juice without toxic smoke. 

How To Select Your THC Vape Juice?

Vaporization has the potential to be healthier than smoking marijuana. Despite this, it is a poorly regulated business with many black-market items. Hundreds of individuals died in previous years due to a vaping-related sickness. Thousands more people had to make trips to hospitals, and fear gripped the business. Many goods containing THC originated illegally. When users inhaled compounds like vitamin E acetate, it became clear that they were very harmful. Heavy metals and poisons are also present in black-market vaping goods.

So, there are many relevant aspects to consider when selecting an e-liquid. After reading this article, you will make an informed and safe choice.

Examine the E-Standard Liquid’s by Itself

Finding safe cannabis e-liquid is one of the most challenging components of the process, particularly if you purchase it online. In general, ensure no obvious evidence of separation, such as when oil and water combine. Furthermore, there should be no debris floating in the material. This surety is only possible when buying goods in person.

According to a common rule, clear e-liquid is more likely to be high-quality. Avoid cloudy mixes since they may include undesirable and perhaps hazardous substances. In terms of consistency, high-quality cannabis oil has a texture similar to honey. Cutting agents or synthetic flavorings are usually present in overly thin tinctures. Cuticle waxes and chlorophyll from the marijuana plant are often present in too thick substances. When heated, several of these substances turn into carcinogens.

Look for products that have a lot of testing evidence

If you purchase from a reputed brand or a state-licensed facility, you will notice third-party lab findings. The number of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other chemicals in the e-liquid may be available in this paperwork. You will also be able to check for pesticides, mildew, heavy metals, and poisons.

Manufacturers often use gas chromatography testing. This method uses heat to break down the cannabinoids and manipulates them under pressure.

What is the brand’s extraction method?

Supercritical CO2 extraction is now considered the gold standard. To extract the chemicals from the marijuana plant, it employs carbon dioxide as a solvent. Because the equipment is expensive, brands pay a premium to utilize this extraction method. It is a sure indicator that you are working with a reputable business.

That is not to argue that only shady companies utilize various ways of extraction. Ethanol extraction is still widespread among some of the industry’s largest brands. It is an approach that is both efficient and safe. However, separating the product into a complete state of isolation is difficult because of its strong polarity. Some ethanol may still be present.

Products with low levels of ethanol are safe to ingest, although they may have a grassy taste. You will also observe that these extracts are darker in color than CO2 extracts. We advise against buying cannabis e-liquid (or CBD products) from companies that employ butane extraction. It was formerly a common approach for separating certain cannabinoids since it was simple. It is, however, very explosive and may leave dangerous residue in the liquid.

Be Wary of Harmful Thinners

A thinning agent is a requirement for vaping cannabis oil. Otherwise, it will clog your vaporizer since it is too thick. Manufacturers often utilize one or all of the following:

  • Vegetable glycerin (VG) 
  • MCT oil
  • PEG 400 (Polyethylene Glycol)

For years, PG was present as a thinning agent in cannabis oil. Despite countless health warnings, this continues to be the case. In 2010, research published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health discovered some alarming facts about PG. Inhaling modest amounts of the chemical raises respiratory issues, including asthma.

PG may also degrade into carcinogens when heated, including acetaldehyde and formaldehyde. Even more hazardous is PEG 400. When heated, VG and MCT oil, on the other hand, create very few harmful substances. So, it is best to stick to goods that include such substances.

Pay Attention to Your Tongue

Your tongue will most likely assist you in determining whether or not a cannabis e-liquid is ’wrong.’ For example, if you inhale anything that tastes awful, you are probably inhaling formaldehyde. As a rule, do not vape anything that tastes bad. Yes, it might be a case of bad tasting, but it is more probable that the presence of anything exceedingly hazardous is to blame.

Cannabis oil is immaculate and safe, although it may not taste like weed. Too many businesses use synthetic copies of weed’s organic components in their products. The purpose of these artificial additives is to imitate the flavor of natural cannabis. Unfortunately, when utilized at high temperatures, these chemicals may cause carcinogens.

The Cannabis E-Liquid Is not the Only Thing That Matters – Choosing a Vape Pen and Using It

You can vape at a variety of temperatures thanks to modern vaporization technology. It is a procedure that benefits your lungs while tailoring your vaping experience. THC concentration is vital to those who vape cannabis recreationally since their objective is to get high. Full-spectrum e-liquid, on the other hand, will help users since it includes hundreds of potentially beneficial components.


You burn marijuana when you smoke it (once the temperature exceeds 450 degrees Fahrenheit in general). Many of the chemicals are burned away in this process, potentially enhancing the formation of carcinogens.

The pandemic has undoubtedly terrified the business and driven many individuals away from the product. On the other hand, those who grew ill almost always utilized black-market cannabis oil. You instantly reduce your danger by selecting a reputed brand or a regulated dispensary. Keep an eye out for the color and consistency of the oil when selecting an e-liquid. It is not something you want in your body, whether hazy or too thick or thin.


You should seek a company that employs CO2 extraction and provides full third-party lab findings. Finally, while vaping cannabis e-liquid, keep the temperature low. This technique will produce more terpenes and cannabinoids, exposing you to less toxic compounds. Vaping is inarguably much better than smoking cigarettes. However, there may still be some adverse effects if you are a vaping newbie and do not vape in moderation. 

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